Dipl. Ing
PhD Researcher
Frederic Benken

I am a graduate student and research assistant at the Chair of Technical Design and ComNets at TU Dresden.
I had my first contact with the CeTI research cluster as part of my diploma thesis. In it, I worked on the “Concept development of a virtual research world for CeTI”. This resulted in a concept for a user-centred and immersive environment and interaction concept for virtual research work at CeTI. It sheds light on how scientists can collaborate with modern video-based head-mounted displays (HMDs) and conduct research on virtual demonstrators.
While working on this topic, I came into contact with many exciting CeTI projects and prototypes, which sparked my interest in CeTI as an employer.
Based on my thesis, I am now working as a research assistant at CeTI on an experience-orientated implementation of the virtual research world.

Projects/co-operation within CeTI you are already involved in:

CeTI rooms you are / will be involved in:
K3, U2, U3

Further questions:

What is your research interest?
I am particularly interested in the development and design of realistic digital environments and user-friendly mixed reality applications.

What motivated you to do what you do today?
What particularly appeals to me about scientific work is the systematic approach to creating innovations and designing new solutions for current or future problems that are intended to support and help people in their lives. My design skills are also essential in order to make new things understandable and user-friendly.

What do you find particularly interesting about CeTI?
What I find most interesting about CeTI is the interdisciplinary tasks and teams. In particular, the fact that many different interests, ideas and skills often come together to create innovations in a wide range of research areas and topics.

How do you spend your free time?
Hiking, drawing, modelling, music (playing the guitar, etc.), design