Due to our interdisciplinary research work, we rely on a good team in which each person contributes their specific expertise. We are looking for highly motivated researchers to join the existing CeTI team in order to achieve our challenging goals. Overall, we offer positions in various scientific fields, comprising but not limited to medicine, psychology, electrical and computer engineering and computer science. We would like to welcome not only PhDs and professors, but also working students to the team as additional support.

In order to achieve our challenging objectives we are looking for highly motivated researchers who are interested in joining the existing CeTI team. In total we offer more than 50 positions in different scientific areas comprising, but not limited to, medicine, psychology, electrical and computer engineering, and computer science. Most of the vacancies are reserved for doctoral researchers, but some postdocs and even professorship positions are available, as well.


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To strengthen the CeTI team various new positions are in preparation. Currently, the positions listed below are available; however, if you think CeTI could be the right place for your research activities feel free to frequently check the open positions on this page, or contact us directly.

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Can’t find anything suitable? You can still apply. Your application is welcome at CeTI even if there are currently no open positions. We are always looking for enthusiastic high potentials in the fields of:

Please send you application to recruiting.ceti@tu-dresden.de including the following documents:

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