There is a lot of activity inside and around CeTI that serves to demonstrate and communicate the CeTI concepts, and to establish the excellent research cluster that CeTI stands for.

Contributions to public events are just one part of the activities; but there is a lot happening inside and among the researchers and chairs.

There is a lot of activity inside and around CeTI that serves for demonstrating and communicating the CeTI concepts, and that serves for establishing the excellent research cluster that CeTI stands for.

Contributions to public events are just one part of the activities; but there is a lot is happening inside and among the researchers and chairs.

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Journal Articles


Tina Bobbe; Lenard Opeskin; Lisa-Marie Lüneburg; Helge Wanta; Joshwa Pohlmann; Jens Krzywinski

Design for communication: How do demonstrators demonstrate technology? Journal Article

In: Design Science, vol. 9, pp. e3:1–25, 2023.

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Shu-Chen Li; Frank H. P. Fitzek

Digitally embodied lifespan neurocognitive development and Tactile Internet: Transdisciplinary challenges and opportunities Journal Article

In: Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, vol. 17, pp. 1116501:1–9, 2023.

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Pit Hofmann; Juan A. Cabrera Guerrero; Riccardo Bassoli; Martin Reisslein; Frank H. P. Fitzek

Coding in diffusion-based molecular nanonetworks: A comprehensive survey Journal Article

In: IEEE Access, vol. 11, pp. 16411–16465, 2023.

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Jens Wagner; Hans Winger; Chokri Cherif; Frank Ellinger

Smart glove with fully integrated textile sensors and wireless sensor frontend for the Tactile Internet Journal Article

In: IEEE Sensors Letters, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 5500504:1–4, 2023.

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Philipp Chrszon; Christel Baier; Clemens Dubslaff; Sascha Klüppelholz

Interaction detection in configurable systems – A formal approach featuring roles Journal Article

In: Journal of Systems and Software, vol. 196, pp. 111556:1–21, 2023, (early access).

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Bahareh Abtahi; Mareen Warncke; Hans Winger; Carmen Sachse; Eric Häntzsche; Andreas Nocke; Chokri Cherif

Novel strain sensor in weft-knitted textile for triggering of functional electrical stimulation Journal Article

In: Engineering Proceedings, vol. 30, no. 1, pp. 13:1–5, 2023.

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Matthias Carstens; Franziska M. Rinner; Sebastian Bodenstedt; Alexander C. Jenke; Jürgen Weitz; Marius Distler; Stefanie Speidel; Fiona R. Kolbinger

The Dresden Surgical Anatomy Dataset for abdominal organ segmentation in surgical data science Journal Article

In: Scientific Data, vol. 10, pp. 3:1–8, 2023, (early access).

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Lukas Benecke; Robert Tonndorf; Chokri Cherif; Dilbar Aibibu

Influence of spinning method on shape memory effect of thermoplastic polyurethane yarns Journal Article

In: Polymers, vol. 15, no. 1, pp. 239:1–9, 2023.

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Tobias Hänel; Nishant Kumar; Dmitrij Schlesinger; Mengze Li; Erdem Ünal; Abouzar Eslami; Stefan Gumhold

Enhancing fairness of visual attribute predictors Incollection

In: Wang, Lei; Gall, Jürgen; Chin, Tat-Jun; Sato, Imari; Chellappa, Rama (Ed.): Computer Vision – ACCV 2022, vol. 13846, pp. 151–167, Springer, 2023.

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Holger Boche; Ullrich J. Mönich; Yannik N. Böck; Frank H. P. Fitzek

Optimization of digital-twin representations of analog signals and systems Inproceedings

In: Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2023, (accepted for publication).



Peter Sossalla; Johannes Hofer; Christian L. Vielhaus; Justus Rischke; Frank H. P. Fitzek

Offloading visual SLAM processing to the edge: An energy perspective Inproceedings

In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN), 2023, (Best Paper Award).



Journal Articles


Kathleen Y. L. Kang; Robert Rosenkranz; Kaan Karan; M. Ercan Altinsoy; Shu-Chen Li

Congruence-based contextual plausibility modulates cortical activity during vibrotactile perception in virtual multisensory environments Journal Article

In: Communications Biology, vol. 5, no. 1, pp. 1360:1–13, 2022.

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Samta Sapra; Aniket Chakraborthy; Suresh Nuthalapati; Anindya Nag; David W. Inglis; Subhas C. Mukhopadhyay; M. Ercan Altinsoy

Printed, wearable e-skin force sensor array Journal Article

In: Measurement, vol. 206, pp. 112348:1–11, 2022, (early access).

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Sisay T. Arzo; Domenico Scotece; Riccardo Bassoli; Fabrizio Granelli; Luca Foschini; Frank H. P. Fitzek

A new agent-based intelligent network architecture Journal Article

In: IEEE Communications Standards Magazine, vol. 6, no. 4, pp. 74–79, 2022.

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Shashank Ghai; Ishan Ghai; Susanne Narciss

Auditory stimulation improves gait and posture in cerebral palsy: A systematic review with between and within-group meta-analysis Journal Article

In: Children, vol. 9, no. 11, pp. 1752:1–29, 2022.

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Yuxuan Guo; Jens R. Helmert; Sven-Thomas Graupner; Sebastian Pannasch

Eye movement patterns in complex tasks: Characteristics of ambient and focal processing Journal Article

In: PLoS ONE, vol. 17, no. 11, pp. e0277099:1–23, 2022.

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Peter Sossalla; Johannes Hofer; Justus Rischke; Christian L. Vielhaus; Giang T. Nguyen; Martin Reisslein; Frank H. P. Fitzek

DynNetSLAM: Dynamic visual SLAM network offloading Journal Article

In: IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 116014–116030, 2022.

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Luca Oppici; Kim Grütters; Felix von Bechtolsheim; Stefanie Speidel

How does the modality of delivering force feedback influence the performance and learning of surgical suturing skills? We don’t know, but we better find out! A review Journal Article

In: Surgical Endoscopy, pp. 1–14, 2022, (early access).

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Zoltán Tibenszky; Helmuth P. E. Morath; Corrado Carta; Frank Ellinger

Efficient 6.5 dBm 55 GHz CMOS VCO with simultaneous phase noise and tuning range optimization Journal Article

In: Frequenz, vol. 76, no. 9–10, pp. 613–623, 2022.

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Soosang Chae; Won J. Choi; Ivan Fotev; Eva Bittrich; Petra Uhlmann; Mathias Schubert; Denys Makarov; Jens Wagner; Alexej Pashkin; Andreas Fery

Stretchable thin film mechanical-strain-gated switches and logic gate functions based on a soft tunneling barrier Journal Article

In: Advanced Materials, vol. 33, no. 41, pp. 2104769:1–10, 2022.

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Chiara Marcolla; Victor Sucasas; Marc Manzano; Riccardo Bassoli; Frank H. P. Fitzek; Najwa Aaraj

Survey on fully homomorphic encryption, theory, and applications Journal Article

In: Proceedings of the IEEE, vol. 110, no. 10, pp. 1572–1609, 2022.

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Diego X. Hidalgo Carvajal; Christopher Herneth; Abdeldjallil Naceri; Sami Haddadin

End-to-end from human hand synergies to robot hand tendon routing Journal Article

In: IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 10057–10064, 2022.

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Abdeldjallil Naceri; Jean Elsner; Mario Tröbinger; Hamid Sadeghian; Lars Johannsmeier; Florian Voigt; Xiao Chen; Daniela Macari; Christoph Jähne; Maximilian Berlet; Jonas Fuchtmann; Luis F. C. Figueredo; Hubertus Feußner; Dirk Wilhelm; Sami Haddadin

Tactile robotic telemedicine for safe remote diagnostics in times of corona: System design, feasibility and usability study Journal Article

In: IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 10296–10303, 2022.

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Qinhua Hu; Anindya Nag; Lijuan Zhang; Kuaishe Wang

Reduced graphene oxide-based composites for wearable strain-sensing applications Journal Article

In: Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, vol. 345, pp. 113767:1–12, 2022.

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Jia He; Huanzhuo Wu; Xun Xiao; Riccardo Bassoli; Frank H. P. Fitzek

Functional split of in-network deep learning for 6G: A feasibility study Journal Article

In: IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine, vol. 29, no. 5, pp. 36–42, 2022.

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Nikolai Käfer; Christel Baier; Martin Diller; Clemens Dubslaff; Sarah A. Gaggl; Holger Hermanns

Admissibility in probabilistic argumentation Journal Article

In: Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, vol. 74, pp. 957–1009, 2022.

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Binyi Wu; Bernd Waschneck; Christian G. Mayr

Convolutional neural networks quantization with double-stage squeeze-and-threshold Journal Article

In: International Journal of Neural Systems, vol. 32, no. 12, pp. 2250051:1–13, 2022.

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Tobias John; Simon Jantsch; Christel Baier; Sascha Klüppelholz

From Emerson-Lei automata to deterministic, limit-deterministic or good-for-MDP automata Journal Article

In: Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering, vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 385–403, 2022.

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Robin Ziemek; Jakob Piribauer; Florian Funke; Simon Jantsch; Christel Baier

Probabilistic causes in Markov chains Journal Article

In: Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering, vol. 18, no. 3, pp. 347–367, 2022.

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Nasrin Afsarimanesh; Anindya Nag; M. Eshrat E. Alahi; Sudhangshu Sarkar; Subhas C. Mukhopadhyay; Ghobad S. Sabet; M. Ercan Altinsoy

A critical review of the recent progress on carbon nanotubes-based nanogenerators Journal Article

In: Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, vol. 344, pp. 113743:1–18, 2022.

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Anindya Nag; Roy B. V. B. Simorangkir; Dinesh R. Gawade; Suresh Nuthalapati; John L. Buckley; Brendan O’Flynn; M. Ercan Altinsoy; Subhas C. Mukhopadhyay

Graphene-based wearable temperature sensors: A review Journal Article

In: Materials & Design, vol. 221, pp. 110971:1–17, 2022.

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Tung V. Doan; Giang T. Nguyen; Martin Reisslein; Frank H. P. Fitzek

SAP: Subchain-aware NFV service placement in mobile edge cloud Journal Article

In: IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 2022, (early access).

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Felix von Bechtolsheim; Florian Oehme; Florian Bielert; Sofia Schmidt; Alfred Schneider; Sebastian Bodenstedt; Stefanie Speidel; Lisa-Marie Lüneburg; Thomas Müller; Jürgen Weitz; Marius Distler

Haptic force feedback in training for minimally invasive surgery – Entwicklung und Validierung eines Laparoskopie-Simulators mit haptischem Vibrationsfeedback zum Training der adäquaten Kraftausübung Journal Article

In: Zeitschrift für Gastroenterologie, vol. 60, no. 8, pp. 646–647, 2022.



Sebastian Höppner; Yexin Yan; Andreas Dixius; Stefan Scholze; Johannes Partzsch; Marco Stolba; Florian Kelber; Bernhard Vogginger; Felix Neumärker; Georg Ellguth; Stephan Hartmann; Stefan Schiefer; Thomas Hocker; Dennis Walter; Genting Liu; Jim Garside; Steve Furber; Christian G. Mayr

The SpiNNaker2 processing element architecture for hybrid digital neuromorphic computing Journal Article

In: CoRR, vol. abs/2103.08392, 2022.



Xin An; Jens Wagner; Frank Ellinger

An integrated primary impulse radio ultra-wideband radar for short-range real-time localization Journal Article

In: IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, vol. 69, no. 8, pp. 3190–3201, 2022.

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Florian Ott; Eric Legler; Stefan J. Kiebel

Forward planning driven by context-dependant conflict processing in anterior cingulate cortex Journal Article

In: NeuroImage, vol. 256, pp. 119222:1–13, 2022.

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Britta Pester; Benjamin Russig; Oliver Winke; Carolin Ligges; Raimund Dachselt; Stefan Gumhold

Understanding multi-modal brain network data: An immersive 3D visualization approach Journal Article

In: Computers & Graphics, vol. 106, pp. 88–97, 2022.

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Yun Hui; Zhaoling Huang; M. Eshrat E. Alahi; Anindya Nag; Shilun Feng; Subhas C. Mukhopadhyay

Recent advancements in electrochemical biosensors for monitoring the water quality Journal Article

In: Biosensors, vol. 12, no. 7, pp. 551:1–31, 2022.

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Kyle Lam; Michael D. Abràmoff; José M. Balibrea; Steven M. Bishop; Richard R. Brady; Rachael A. Callcut; Manish Chand; Justin W. Collins; Markus K. Diener; Matthias Eisenmann; Kelly Fermont; Manoel P. Galvao Neto; Gregory D. Hager; Robert J. Hinchliffe; Alan Horgan; Pierre Jannin; Alexander J. Langerman; Kartik Logishetty; Amit Mahadik; Lena Maier-Hein; Esteban Martín Antona; Pietro Mascagni; Ryan K. Mathew; Beat P. Müller-Stich; Thomas Neumuth; Felix Nickel; Adrian Park; Gianluca Pellino; Frank Rudzicz; Sam Shah; Mark C. Slack; Myles J. Smith; Naeem Soomro; Stefanie Speidel; Danail Stoyanov; Henry S. Tilney; Martin Wagner; Ara W. Darzi; James M. Kinross; Sanjay Purkayastha

A Delphi consensus statement for digital surgery Journal Article

In: npj Digital Medicine, vol. 5, pp. 100:1–9, 2022.

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Subhas C. Mukhopadhyay; Nagender K. Suryadevara; Anindya Nag

Wearable sensors for healthcare: Fabrication to application Journal Article

In: Sensors, vol. 22, no. 14, pp. 5137:1–33, 2022.

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Jonathan E. W. Huffmann; Martin Mittelbach

On the distribution of the information density of Gaussian random vectors: Explicit formulas and tight approximations Journal Article

In: Entropy, vol. 24, no. 7, pp. 927:1–29, 2022.

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Tamás Haidegger; Stefanie Speidel; Danail Stoyanov; Richard M. Satava

Robot-assisted minimally invasive surgery – Surgical robotics in the data age Journal Article

In: Proceedings of the IEEE, vol. 110, no. 7, pp. 835–846, 2022.

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Anindya Nag; Nasrin Afsarimanesh; Suresh Nuthalapati; M. Ercan Altinsoy

Novel surfactant-induced MWCNTs/PDMS-based nanocomposites for tactile sensing applications Journal Article

In: Materials, vol. 15, no. 13, pp. 4504:1–12, 2022.

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Luca Spliethoff; Shu-Chen Li; Annika Dix

Incentive motivation improves numerosity discrimination in children and adolescents Journal Article

In: Scientific Reports, vol. 12, pp. 10038:1–12, 2022.



Philippa R. C. Böhnke; Hans Winger; Florian Wieczorek; Mareen Warncke; Lisa-Marie Lüneburg; Iris Kruppke; Andreas Nocke; Eric Häntzsche; Chokri Cherif

Protective coating for electrically conductive yarns for the implementation in smart textiles Journal Article

In: Solid State Phenomena, vol. 333, pp. 11–20, 2022.

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Florian Wieczorek; Hans Winger; Philippa R. C. Böhnke; Jens Wagner; Eric Häntzsche; Andreas Nocke; Iris Kruppke; Chokri Cherif

Novel knitting vision – Modern ways for integral knitting of intelligent gloves for Tactile Internet applications Journal Article

In: Solid State Phenomena, vol. 333, pp. 39–46, 2022.

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Anindya Nag; Suresh Nuthalapati; Subhas C. Mukhopadhyay

Carbon fiber/polymer-based composites for wearable sensors: A review Journal Article

In: IEEE Sensors Journal, vol. 22, no. 11, pp. 10235–10245, 2022.

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Zuo Xiang; Malte Höweler; Dongho You; Martin Reisslein; Frank H. P. Fitzek

X-MAN: A non-intrusive power manager for energy-adaptive cloud-native network functions Journal Article

In: IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, vol. 19, no. 2, pp. 1017–1035, 2022.

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Felix von Bechtolsheim; Florian Oehme; Michael Maruschke; Sofia Schmidt; Alfred Schneider; Jürgen Weitz; Marius Distler; Sebastian Bodenstedt; Isabel Funke; Stefanie Speidel; Sören T. Mees

Does caffeine consumption affect laparoscopic skills in a motion tracking analysis? A prospective, randomized, blinded crossover trial Journal Article

In: Surgical Endoscopy, vol. 36, no. 6, pp. 4359–4368, 2022.

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Huanzhuo Wu; Yunbin Shen; Xun Xiao; Giang T. Nguyen; Artur Hecker; Frank H. P. Fitzek

Accelerating Industrial IoT acoustic data separation with in-network computing Journal Article

In: IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 2022, (early access).

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