M. Sc.
PhD Researcher

Phone: +49 351 463-35021

Susanne Fischer

Clothing technician, B. Sc. Technical Textiles, M. Sc. Interdisciplinary Materials Science. Professional experience in clothing development and production as well as research and development in the field of smart textiles, especially textile sensor technology.

Projects/co-operation within CeTI you are already involved in:
Textile sensor development

CeTI rooms within CeTI you are involved:
U3, TP2

Further questions:

What is your research interest?
The development and integration of textile-based sensors under consideration of industrial feasibility

What motivated you to do what you do today?
The curiosity to find out to what extent textiles can provide additional intelligent functions

What do you find particularly interesting about CeTI?
The interdisciplinary cooperations from the initial idea onwards, which removes hurdles in development at an early stage

How do you spend your free time?
Reading books while traveling on the train