Since July 10, 2011, on the occasion of the 40th birthday of die Maus, the annual “Türen Auf!” Day has been taking place every year, when Maus fans all over Germany open their doors, behind which something interesting is hidden and which are otherwise closed. The “Türen Auf! mit der Maus” Day now takes place every year on October 3. Together with the “Sendung mit der Maus” and hundreds of organizers, this year’s day was once again a special experience: doors were once again open to around 60,000 visitors at 557 locations throughout Germany. This year, everything revolved around “exciting connections.

Past Events

CeTI also opened its doors to interested visitors. We showed how machines support us humans today and in the future and how humans and robots are connected. All robots could be tried out and operated by the visitors themselves. In our Robo-Parcours, participants were able to try out various demonstrators. Making Lego figures fly through the air with the help of a robot arm, surfing on our digital surfboard or controlling videogames with an intelligent glove, everybody enjoyed the experience.

  • Photograph of a child testing a robotic demonstrator. The demonstrator consists of a robotic arm, a robotic pen and Lego models.
  • Photograph of a little girl trying out a robotic demonstrator to learn surfing
  • Photograph of a researcher and a little girl moving a robotic arm
  • Photograph of a group of boys and girls around a robotic demonstrator while a researcher explains how it works

Photos by Fabian Catoni