The JUNIORDOKTOR talent development program, which is regularly booked out, is an important project of the Dresden – Stadt der Wissenschaft network. At around 100 free events per edition, children and young people come into contact with research topics at around 30 universities, research institutions and technology-oriented companies. The declared aim is to promote curiosity, ambition and a thirst for research among the next generation of scientists. By correctly answering a total of seven questions about the events and providing proof of seven stamps, participants earn the JUNIORDOKTOR dignity, complete with hat and certificate. Registration for schoolchildren from Dresden and the surrounding area is possible each year from September online at

Past events

CeTI hosts the half-time event

Half-time at the 14th year of Dresden’s talent development program JUNIORDOKTOR: Those who collect a total of seven stamps in the approximately 100 analog and digital experiments, lectures, courses, laboratory visits and research stations for children and young people in grades 3 to 12 are awarded the honorable title. The Office for Economic Development of the State Capital Dresden coordinates the project and hosted a mid-term event with the Cluster of Excellence CeTI on March 1, 2022.

Students were able to get a taste of campus air and learn about the basics of human-machine interaction in the foyer of the Barkhausen Building. Using six demonstrators, they were able to gain insights into the fields of psychology, electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering and medicine, which conveyed explosive AI research and robotics at the highest level playfully and vividly.

  • Photograph of a group of children in the lobby of a building waiting their turn to register for an event. There is a registration table where there are two girls.
  • Photograph of a group of girls and boys listening to a researcher's explanation
  • Photograph of a child next to a robotic arm while using a smart pen. Next to the child is a researcher explaining the functionality of the robot.
  • Photograph of a girl on a robotic surfboard and three girls and a boy watching her
  • Photograph of a girl testing an ultrasound wave device. Two girls and a researcher can be seen in the background
  • Photograph of a child wearing a virtual reality visor and holding a controller. A robotic arm can be seen in the background.
  • Photograph of a girl wearing headphones and testing a medical device
  • Photograph of two girls playing table tennis. One is wearing a virtual reality visor. Next to the ping pong table is a boy.

At the “Hot Wire” demonstrator, the fine motor skills of young researchers were challenged under altered visual conditions: running a bent wire on a table with a metal loop without touching the wire is already difficult. But how does our hand-eye coordination react when, in addition, the view is blocked and the course can only be observed via a camera or augmented reality – as in a minimally invasive operation? At another station, the “Cleaning Demo,” participants were transported into a virtual child’s room using VR glasses to clean up with a remote-controlled robot. In “Table Tennis with Latency,” on the other hand, they learned how to deal with delays – like when making phone calls over long distances.

Photos by Frank Grätz

Picture of a child on a surfboard

I liked the ultrasound machine best because you could turn the light bulb on and off until it broke.

Hagen, 9 years
A man moving a robotic arm

The JUNIORDOKTOR program generates attention and interest in science, technology and computer science even among the youngest children. The events, which are fully booked year after year, confirm the success of the leisure program for schoolchildren. In particular, the wide range of opportunities to get a taste of exciting new areas such as robotics are the attraction for children and young people and support them in their career orientation.

Dr. Robert Franke, Amtsleiter Wirtschaftsförderung Landeshauptstadt Dresden
Picture of a boy and a man and a girl can be seen in the background

I especially liked painting with the robot because you could really experience the tactile Internet live.

Felix, 15 years

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