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Chair of Media Technology, Technical University of Munich

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Basak Gülecyüz

Basak received her B.Sc. degree in electrical and electronics engineering in June 2016 from Middle East Technical University, Turkey. Successively, she obtained the M.Sc. degree in communications engineering in January 2019 from Technical University of Munich, Germany as a scholarship holder of German Academic Exchange Service and Turkish Education Foundation. In February 2019, she joined the Chair of Media Technology at the Technical University of Munich as a research staff, where she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree. Her research interests include, haptics, teleoperation, and human-robot skill transfer.

Projekte/Kooperationen innerhalb von CeTI, an denen Sie beteiligt sind:

Development of Haptic Codecs: K1-TP1 and K1-U3 collaboration

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Weitere Fragen:

Was schätzen Sie an Ihrer Arbeit bei CeTI am meisten?

The collaborative and interdisciplinary research environment

Was war Ihr bisher schönster Moment bei CeTI?

The first CeTI summer school

Woran würden Sie gerne noch forschen?

I would like to explore more on how we can teach the robots tactile/contact skills and make them operate autonomously in a safe-manner.

Wie verbringen Sie Ihre Freizeit?

Travelling, cooking, music, nature, friends