Together with our partner institutions, we host our Lab Tour once a month. Here, CeTI employees have the opportunity to get to know various laboratories, simulation facilities and test halls and to network with other scientists. During the tours, various demonstrators are shown that impressively convey the research field of tactile internet to the participants. There is only a limited number of participants. Please send a short message to if you want to join the next Lab Tour.

Past Events

4# Lab Tour Human-in-the-Loop Lab

On 15 February, all CeTI members were able to participate in a guided tour of the Human-in-the-Loop laboratory. Members visited the neuropsychological/psychophysiological and motion capture lab, and also witnessed some psychological experiments in progress. At the end of the Lab Tour, CeTI members gathered for an aperitif together.

3# Lab Tour Institute of Textile Machinery

On 31 August, all CeTI members were able to take part in a guided tour of the Machine Textile Institute’s laboratories. Afterwards, they visited Experimental Facility B, where they were shown some demonstrators from the three ITM-CeTI research groups and some experimental techniques. At the end of the Lab Tour, CeTI members gathered for a Pub the Hub, in the form of a picnic.

2# Lab Tour NCT/UCC

On June 21, all CeTI employees were able to visit the NCT/UCC and gain an insight into its research laboratories. Among other things, the endomersion demonstrator was shown and the participants got an exclusive insight into the new NCT/UCC building. Afterwards, there was a social night at our well-known pub the Hub, also on site.

1# Lab Tour Chair of Acoustics and Haptics

On 19 May our first Lab Tour took place, starting with the Chair of Acoustics and Haptics. Participants experienced, the KinesCeTI (kinesthetic feedback glove), mid-air vibrotactile feedback via ultrasound, the multimodal lab with movement platform and other things the chair is working on.