Registration Form: Mental Health Days, APRIL 05 – 07, 2022

Contact tracking: The Mental Health Days are planned as an on-site event. If contact tracking is still required at the time of the meeting due to the Corona Protection Ordinance, you can register on-site either with your smartphone via a QR code display or by filling out a contact form. We will inform you about any changes.

Workshop registration: You have an opportunity to attend activities of your choice. Please let us know which activities you would like to join.

Photo permission: Please note that we are taking photographs at this event. The pictures will be used in publications or other media material produced by and for CeTI. If you do not wish to have your image recorded, please make your wishes known to the photographer or the event organizers.

Information on data protection The information on data protection can be found in the corresponding information sheet “Data protection declaration for the processing of personal data/information obligations according to the GDPR".