We are excited to announce the opening of the CeTI BAR, an revolutionary meeting of innovation and culinary delights, born within the CeTI Cluster of Excellence at the Technische Universität Dresden (TUD).

The CeTI BAR is a project of the CeTI Cluster of Excellence, showing an application of the tactile internet. The aim of CeTI is to take cooperation between man and machine to a new level. Just as the Internet provides access to information, our goal is to increase access to skills and knowledge for the general public. This is how we realise equal opportunities for people of all genders, ages, cultural backgrounds and physical limitations. To achieve this, we need the tactile internet.

This innovative workshop allows visitors not only to watch, but to immerse themselves in the use of augmented reality combined with robotics.

The opening event, with chef Benjamin Biedlingmaier owner of the Opera restaurant, was a spectacular display of culinary skills intertwined with robotics. The collaboration between humans and machines resulted in a symphony of flavours and senses. This extraordinary fusion of culinary art and technology exemplifies the limitless possibilities that arise when creativity and innovation converge.

The Prime Minister of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer, and the Rector of the TU Dresden Prof. Dr. Ursula M. Staudinger honoured us with their presence, emphasising the importance of the tactile internet in the innovative Saxon ecosystem.

The CeTI BAR is a dynamic laboratory for researchers. It is a space where innovative ideas and proposals can take shape, fostering an environment of continuous innovation and exploration.

Georg-Schumann-Str. 11, 1st Floor
01187 Dresden

Frequendly asked Questions:

Why does the CeTIBAR exist?
The CeTI Cluster of Excellence at TU Dresden is opening a unique research laboratory with the CeTIBAR. Externally, the bar has the feel of a modern restaurant, but it has been equipped with collaborative robots – so-called cobots – which are involved in preparation and service. In this state-of-the-art facility in the Barkhausen Building at TU Dresden, the interaction between humans and machines is actively researched and scientific findings are directly subjected to proof of concept. Science and research for the future are demonstrated in a transparent and approachable way in this real laboratory. At the same time, the CeTIBAR is an inspiring venue for numerous events that make innovative cutting-edge research accessible to everyone.

On what occasions will the bar be open?
CeTIBAR regularly opens its doors to the public with various offers or events during which you can get to know CeTI’s research. As a real laboratory, it offers researchers the opportunity to work together on an interdisciplinary basis and test their ideas in society. This unique facility is not only relevant for research, but also as a meeting place for students, teaching staff, young academics and guests of the university. The next dates on which the CeTIBAR will open its doors can be found here on the website.

What will the bar offer?
We are opening our real-world laboratory for networking events as well as various events for the purpose of scientific communication, such as workshops or specialist lectures on the tactile Internet with human-machine interaction. Upcoming events can be found here on the website.

Is the bar run entirely without people?
Our CeTIBar is always operated and used by humans in cooperation with robots. The aim and vision of CeTI is not full automation, but active human-machine cooperation. Robots do not replace people, but support and complement their work, especially in repetitive tasks.

What tasks will robots take over in the bar?
The robots in our Human-Machine Collaboration Lab support people in simple activities or routine tasks that can easily tire them out. These supporting activities are programmed by us and can be performed well by robots.

What does CeTI stand for?
CeTI stands for Centre for Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop. The vision of CeTI, a Cluster of Excellence at the Technische Universität Dresden, is to enable people to interact with cyber-physical systems in the real or virtual world via intelligent communication networks and systems in near real time.


Here are the events planned at the CeTIBAR :

Science Night: On 14 June 2024, the CeTIBAR will light up with knowledge and discovery during Science Night.

MINT-EC Camp: On 4-7 November 2024, students will delve into the rich educational landscape of TUD, exploring its diverse array of academic offerings and learning opportunities.

Summer University (registration required)

For any questions please contact ceti@tu-dresden.de