Portrait of Shao Yitian

Our team member, Prof. Dr. Yitian Shao worked at the Junior Professorship of Smart Materials for Human–Computer Interaction. Within CeTI, he carried out the project of developing wearable soft vibrotactile actuator and the study of skin vibration sensation affected by aging. Prof. Dr. Yitian Shao left CeTI to pursue a career as tenue-track professor at Harbin Institute of Technology, Shenzhen (HITSZ) in Shenzhen, China. In a short farewell interview, he tells us about his future research.

Where will he head after his time at CeTI and what will he work on?
Dr. Shao will lead a research group at the international research institute for artificial intelligence at HITSZ. He will teach courses in the School of Computer Science at HITSZ.

How does it differ from your previous work?
Dr. Shao will start as an independent PI and lead a research group in the field of robotics and haptics.

What was your most important moment at CeTI?
The General Assembly and summer school events

What will you miss most about Dresden and its surroundings?
The beautiful city center where the palace and cathedral stand and where the Elbe River pass by.

CeTI employees wish Prof. Dr. Yitian Shao all the best and a successful start at HITSZ.