Rising Star is a workshop lasting several days for up-and-coming female scientists from CeTI-relevant areas. CeTI organized such a Rising Star Workshop once during the funding period to invite promising young female researchers who are interested in an academic career to CeTI. Among other things, this is intended to promote scientific exchange. CeTI employees have the opportunity to get to know other women scientists, expand their network and gain new input. Of course, the Rising Star Workshop is also used as a recruitment tool to get promising female scientists interested in working at CeTI.

Past events

Invitation card for CeTI Rising Star Workshop

Rising Star 28/01/2021 – 29/01/2021

The CeTI Cluster of Excellence is researching various aspects of the Tactile Internet with Human-in-the-Loop. CeTI’s central vision is to enable humans to interact in quasi real-time with cyber-physical systems (CPS) in the real or virtual world over intelligent wide-area communication networks.

CeTI is growing and at 2021 Rising Star Workshop, female scientists had the opportunity to become part of the team. We were looking for three W1-professorships  for the topics of Smart Materials for Human-Machine-Interaction, Quantum Communications and Social-Affective Touch. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the workshop was held online. We prepared a broad and interesting program with inspiring keynotes. The participants had the opportunity, to meet the CeTI Speakers and get an insight into CeTI’s research and work environment.