Today marked an exciting collaboration between CeTI and the BRH-Saxony Seniors Association, where the realms of cutting-edge technology and wisdom met in a vibrant exchange of ideas.

We were excited to provide a comprehensive overview of our current research efforts, offering a glimpse into the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence. From groundbreaking technologies to revolutionary trends, the discussion aimed to bridge generational gaps and build understanding between different perspectives.

A highlight of the day was the interactive session, where we discussed the different application areas of AI and weighed the pros and cons of its integration into different aspects of society. It was a valuable exchange of ideas, reflecting our commitment to inclusiveness and equal access to opportunities.

At CeTI, we are committed to proactively contributing to the realisation of our mission: to promote equitable access to working and learning environments for people of different genders, ages, cultural backgrounds and disabilities. Our belief in the transformative power of technology is intertwined with our commitment to creating a more inclusive and equitable future.

Together, we are shaping a world where technology acts as a catalyst for positive change, breaking down barriers and opening doors for all. Thank you to the BRH-Saxony Senior Citizens Association for participating in this enriching dialogue. Let us continue to collaborate, innovate and build a future accessible to all!