Welcome to CeTI’s Elevator Pitch, an immersive project designed to demystify the world of the tactileinternet.
CeTI’s central vision is to enable humans to interact in quasi real-time with cyber-physical systems (CPS) in the real or virtual world over intelligent wide-area communication networks.
In this first Elevator Pitch, you will meet Dr. Irene Valori and explore together the profound impact of hugs and caresses in long-distance relationships. Discover how these intimate gestures transcend physical barriers, delving into their significance in virtual realms and interactions with technology.
This immersive journey unfolds in 12 distinct ‘rooms’, each representing a unique thematic area:
TP1: Humans
TP2: Sensors and Actuators
TP3: Communication
TP4: Flexible Electronics
TP5: Tactile Computing
K1: Haptic Codecs
K2: Intelligent networks
K3: Perception and augmented interaction
K4: Co-adaptation
U1: Medicine
U2: Industry
U3: Internet of Skills