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Daniel Ernst

Daniel Ernst studied Electrical Engineering (Diploma) at TU Dresden. At the time of his internship at a leading car manufacturer he dealt with the properties of electrical modules under high temperature conditions in the lifecycle in consideration of the different materials and devices. In his diploma thesis he investigated the technologies and materials in more detail for the use on flexible printed Circuits. Core topics were the characterization of adhesive and soldering technologies as well as the Flip Chip Technology. Afterwards he worked several years as process engineer for a mid-size company with special regard to adhesive application. With the aim to earn a doctorate he is concerning with technologies and materials for packaging organic and inorganic devices to combined modules both on rigid and flexible substrates. Core topics in this field are reliability and lifecycle characterization and technology development.

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The innovative potential and interdisciplinary possibility to solve the technological challenges of the future.

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The kindly welcome of the CeTI-Team.


Karlheinz Bock; Martin Schubert; Laura Wambera; Karsten Meier; Daniel Ernst; Krzysztof Nieweglowski

The role of sustainability and re-cycling in electronics packaging and 3D heterointegration (Inproceedings)

In: Proceedings of the IEEE Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC), 2021, (accepted for publication).