Dipl. Ing.
PhD Researcher
Jessica Janik

Jessica Janik is a Research Associate at CeTi, engaging in the development of smart textiles for human machine interactions. After completing her Diploma in Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Design at TU Dresden, Jessica started a position as a Product Designer at Mimetik, one of the CeTi spin-off tech start-ups. As a part of a young & dynamic team she helped in developing smart wearables to be deployed specifically for industrial settings and harsh environmental conditions. At CeTI, she now continues a more scientific path to further analyse user requirements and create human-centred design solutions.

CeTI rooms within CeTI you are involved in:

U2, U3, TP2

Further Questions:

What do you value most about your work at CeTI?

Being part of an interdisciplinary team with the power to create the most innovative products and concepts for the future.

What was your best moment at CeTI so far?

Taking part in the CeTI 5G summit, exhibiting our data glove demonstrator next to other exciting demos and product innovations.

How do you spend your spare time?

I am also working as an artist, illustrator, and book author – creating artworks for renowned brands and hosting workshops for art enthusiasts.