From 19-21 January, we were at the KarriereStart 2024 event at the Messe Dresden, where we showed the technological advances that CeTI comnpies.

Our surfboard was not just a prop, but symbolised our commitment to riding the currents of technological progress. Visitors had the chance to immerse themselves in the world of the tactile Internet and see first-hand how our innovations are shaping the future.

Imagine navigating your career path as if you were riding the waves of a surfboard: exciting, dynamic and full of possibilities. Our interactive display allowed visitors to explore the concept of the tactile internet, seamlessly merging the digital and physical worlds. Just like a surfer catching the perfect wave, visitors were able to discover paths that matched their aspirations.

Our presence at KarriereStart was not limited to presenting innovations, but also allowed us to connect with like-minded people. The event provided a platform for networking, sharing ideas and making connections that transcend traditional career boundaries. In the realm of innovation and technology, collaboration is key and KarriereStart fostered an environment where synergies could flourish.