PhD Researcher

Phone: +49 351 463 35761

Lisa-Marie Lüneburg

Lisa-Marie Lüneburg is PhD student at CeTI right-from the beginning of the cluster. Before, she
worked as research associate at the Chair of Industrial Design Engineering where she also graduated
in mechanical engineering. Through a human-centred design approach, she took forward scientific
topics in high-tech areas from speech technologies to applications for people with dementia. In her
current research she focuses on how vibrotactile feedback provided through wearables can support
motor learning and in which way this scientific research can be successfully transferred into the real
world through experience-centred demonstrators.

Projects/Cooperation within CeTI you are involved in:

TP2: Rock. Paper, Scissors Demo, DLR Fingertac
U1: Haptic Feedback in Laparoscopic Surgery
U3: SmartKinesiotape, Surfdemo & Supporting Balance, UX of Embodied Feedback

CeTI rooms within CeTI you are involved in:


Further Questions:

What do you value most about your work at CeTI?

Through the many disciplines involved in CeTI everyday you get another new exciting
insight and outlook into the future.

What was your best moment at CeTI so far?

Many moments when I am able to bring in my strengths as a designer in several
demonstrators and see the fascination they bring to visitors.

What else would you like to research?

I would like to research more about how TaHil can support wellbeing.

How do you spend your spare time?

I am a sea enthusiast and love surfing and sailing. In preparation for that I do lots of
yoga, running and practicing on my balance board.

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