Dipl.-Inf (FH)
PhD Researcher

Phone: +49 351 463 32155

David Kuß

David Kuß graduated with a degree in computer science from Dortmund University of Applied Sciences in 2003. His professional skills focus on software development for automation and semiconductors.
Since 2018, he has been working as a software developer and research assistant at the Chair of Communication Networks of Deutsche Telekom at TU Dresden. As many of his scientific topics overlap with those of CeTI, he has now been working for the CeTI team since 2022. He actively supports research groups in the development of demonstrators with a focus on robotics.
His next major project will be the planning and implementation of an interactive kitchen environment as part of CeTI’s goals and continuing projects.

Projects/Cooperation within CeTI you are involved in:
• Hello Robot Demo (U3, TP2)
• Fingerfood Demo
• Robot Hand Demo
• CeTI-Bar
• Cocktail Mix Demo
• CoBot Demo (U1, TP5)

CeTI rooms you are / will be involved in:
U1, U3, K3, TP2, TP3, TP5

Further questions:

What is your research interest?
Perception of virtual environments and creation of tactile content for virtual environments using robot digital twins, haptical and artifical assistens systems. Combining the results with real world environment, e.g. using CeTI Cobotics Framework, sensoric, etc.

What motivated you to do what you do today?
The possibility to try out brand new things, to combine them with other things or even with my idea. It’s so good when everything no longer feels like work, but like an inner urge to simply do it.

What do you find particularly interesting about CeTI?
All the smart people from CeTI who are already there and those who are still joining, working together and united towards one goal. The resulting conglomeration of perspectives and research is perfect for making great things happen.

What question have you not had an answer to recently and have you been able to find it?
Why do robots still have to be programmed; can’t it be any simpler?

How do you spend your free time?
Discovering the world through city trips, experiencing nature at its purest while hiking, exhausting yourself playing squash, celebrating the art of archery or just enjoying evenings with friends playing board games.


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