PhD Researcher
Gesche Vigh

Gesche Vigh obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Paderborn in 2017 while working in the field of Integrated Quantum Optics and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Hagen in 2019. In 2020, she earned a Master’s degree in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology from the University of Essex. She passed with distinction and was awarded the Robert Ferry Memorial Prize (Postgraduate) for her dissertation in the field of emotion perception.
In December 2021, she joined CeTI to work on her Ph.D. on neurocognitive mechanisms of attentional control during visuomotor adaptation.

Projects/Cooperation within CeTI you are involved in:

Neurocognitive mechanisms of attentional control during visuomotor adaptation (with Jakub Limanowski)

Further Questions:

What do you value most about your work at CeTI?

Meeting and collaborating with people from very diverse interdisciplinary backgrounds, allowing for new exciting perspectives on our research.

What was your best moment at CeTI so far?

How eager people were to learn more about my project and to collaborate, after I presented it for the first time.

What else would you like to research?

I would be very interested in research on artificial limbs and prosthetics.

How do you spend your spare time?

I very much enjoy playing videogames (with and without my VR headset) and drawing or painting.