Jiajing Zhang
Jiajing Zhang
My name is Jiajing Zhang, was born and grew up in China, where I also started my scientific career, which later on I decided to continue in Dresden at ComNets. From time to time I visit my family at home for a couple of weeks to touch base again, grab my favorite food and specialties from China, and bring them back to Dresden, where I share with colleagues and friends.

How have you been in school?
When I was in school I was always very passionate in study, and I would like to learn knowledge as much as possible. However, I only enjoy the process of study, and I really hate exams. Besides study, I was also the member of basketball team and student union through which I learned how to work with others in a team.

What was your dream job as a child?
My father is an electrical engineer, and when I was a kid he showed me many examples about how to solve problems in the daily life by applying with his electrical engineering knowledge. I have been influenced by him and since I was child I knew that I would become an electrical engineer when I grow up.

What was your favorite subject?
My favorite subject is physics, because I find it very useful and practical. I also like history very much, and until now I still like reading books and watching documentaries about history.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
In my spare time I like doing sports, for instance I like playing basketball and tennis on weekends. In the current situation, I still try my best to do some indoor exercises regularly. When I have time I like to play the guitar and listen to classic music as well, which make me feel very relaxed.

What is driving you nuts?
What drives me nuts is after a long time trying there is still no obvious progress. For instance, I always thought that I am quite talented in language and sports, but German and tennis make me doubt myself. After years learning and practicing I have not seen a huge progress, and this makes me feel very disappointed and drives me nuts. I will never give up but still keep trying my best.