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Jonathan Casas

Jonathan received his B.Sc. degree in Industrial Eng. and Electrical Eng. in 2015 and his M.Sc. in Electrical Eng.in 2019 from Escuela Colombiana de Ingenieria Julio Garavito, Colombia. Later, he received his Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Eng, at Syracuse Univeristy.University, USA. He works as a Research Associate at the Vodafone Chair for Mobile Communications Systems.

CeTI rooms within CeTI you are involved in:
TP3, K2, U2

Further questions:

What is your research interest?
My main research interest involves learning for dynamical systems and adaptive control. Specifically, I am interested in leveraging learning strategies to mitigate the communication effects on networked control systems.

What motivated you to do what you do today?
I was always interested on continuously learning about new different areas and be part of the development of the technologies that will impact society in the future.

What do you find particularly interesting about CeTI?
It is very interesting to have the chance to interact with multiple researchers from different backgrounds. CeTI brings together an interdisciplinary team that offers the possibility to explore interesting research areas from different perspectives.

To which question have you not found an answer lately?
How the industry of service robots is going to impact society in the upcoming decades and what technical challenges this is going to pose to develop reliable networked controlled systems.

How do you spend your free time?
I enjoy most of my free time with my family, watching a TV show or cooking.