I’m Louis and I’m 21. I am studying in an engineering school in France named ENSEA, where I study IT and electronics. It is in a city named Cergy, close to Paris.

Why did you choose CeTI?

I chose CeTI because I was looking for an internship abroad for this summer (it is mandatory for me to do an internship and to have experience abroad in order to get my diploma) and when I discussed about it with my school International Relation they talked to me about TU Dresden and CeTI, because a student from my school had done an internship here in the past. I was really interested by the work here so I decided to try sending an application and here I am.

 How would you describe your work at CeTI?

I’ve only be there for 2 weeks but I’m enjoying what I’m doing. Although I have already done some projects or others at school, this is the first time I have worked alone on a project and I found it very engaging.

What are your plans for the future?
For the near future I still have a full semester of studies to do, but after that, because I like doing different stuff I still don’t know in what field I would like to work, hopefully in a place as great as CeTI.