PhD Researcher

Phone: +49 351 463 38737

Helmuth Morath

Helmuth P. E. Morath was born in Oberkirch, Germany, in 1990. He received the Diplom-Ingenieur degree in electrical engineering from Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden, Germany, in 2018, where he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree.
His research interests include analog circuit design with a current focus on circuits for on-body wireless network front-ends in advanced CMOS technologies, where he tries to bridge the gap between operation at millimeter-wave frequencies for compact integration and low-power operation.

Projects/Cooperation within CeTI you are involved in:

Wireless Front-End Design:
• Demo can be soon used in Gloves (TP2, TP3, Mimetik, U2, U3)

CeTI rooms within CeTI you are involved in:


Further Questions:

What do you value most about your work at CeTI?

I am a curious person interested in how the world works. Therefore, CeTI as an interdisciplinary project is ideal to learn a lot of new things from other researching areas. On top, it is really nice to not just build some hardware but to see your hardware as a part of a bigger picture.

What was your best moment at CeTI so far?

I love all CeTI events, workshops, etc. whenever people from CeTI come together. It is all very professional and well organized with highly motivated researchers who really believe in the project. It feels huge! I mean which other project can show off with a truck ;).

What else would you like to research?

I am very interested in highly adaptive front-ends that can trade data-rate for power consumption depending on the required need.

How do you spend your spare time?

When I am not on my balcony growing vegetables and doing some nice gardening stuff, you can find me traveling around, going horse riding, or hiking in remote places enjoying nature. Besides that, I love good food and the occasional glass of wine :-).


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